British Books Challenge 2011

I’ve joined the British Books Challenge 2011, which involves reading 12 books by British authors over the year. I figure I’ll be reading books anyway, why not join the challenge, connect with other readers, writers and reviewers, give British authors a plug and share my reviews on my blog.

I’ll be reviewing YA fiction as that’s what I’m writing. First on my reading list is Marcus Sedgewick’s Revolver, which I think has been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal. I’ve previously read Dark Horse by the same author and loved it, very atmospheric.

I’ll also be reading Hello Mum by Bernadine Evaristo, which is sitting on my desk and is a story of murder and heartbreak, according to the strapline. It’s a slim novella that looks like it’ll be urban and gritty and, as I’m writing a contemporary teen book, I thought I should read some similar titles. Both of these books were published in 2010 but I’ll be on the look-out for 2011 titles too.

I do tend to read books that will inform my writing in some way. Books I hope to learn from.  I will review as a reader, of course, but also as a writer.

This is all a bit new and I’m hoping I can follow the challenge’s sign up instructions, which involves linking the site to my review and widgets were mentioned but I’ve forgotten what they are. Still, I’ll do my best.

So watch this space for YA reviews and if anyone else wants to get involved you need to sign up before the end of the month.


One response to “British Books Challenge 2011

  1. I am going to read Revolver too. I’ve had it on my shelf for ages and that is one reason that I decided to do the challenge. I want to read my favourite authors. Thanks for signing up and best of luck.

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