Launching into the blogosphere

…three, two, one, we have lift off.

So the plan is to write my blog every day. It will get me going, get me in a creative frame of mind and I will be able to segue from blog to novel seamlessly. Apart from this, my first post, because it’s Saturday night and the Strictly Come Dancing final is on in half an hour. See, now that’s the problem. Discipline. I have got out of the habit.

My Word top tip: To get published you have to write the best book you can. To write the best book you can, you have to write something every day. What you write doesn’t have to be perfect (perfection can wait till the re-writes). The important thing is to write, EVERY DAY. Even if it’s just a paragraph or two. Eventually all those paragraphs will come together and you’ll have a novel.

Hmmm… I thought I was writing a blog, in part, to get me in a creative mode. Now, I’m worried it’s all a ploy of my subconscious to engage in elaborate procrastination on a humongous scale. Ah well, all part of the creative process. I have procrastinated quite successfully for the best part of a year since my last novel was rejected by no less than ten London publishers. More on that another day. Blogging, at least, is constructive procrastination. A chance to reach out to the world, make some new friends on the way. It will get me to sit at my desk every day and write something.

I have picked myself up, dusted myself off and am starting a new blog and a new novel. Not scary at all. Yikes!


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